Mix Candle Clear - Eden Outcast

€ 199,00 € 139,00

The candle holder consists of 11 modules, that can be mixed in any way. Included is a top and a bottom in metal, 5 modules of brass alloyed metal all in different sizes, 2 modules of brown wood, and last but not least the two beautiful modules in clear K9 crystal.

Mix Candle has a high level of details, which can be seen on the metal modules. The structures in the surface are inspired by machine tools. The candle holder is delicate, elegant, and feminin, and at the same time raw with the knurled metal surfaces and heavy modules of wood.

The candle holder is easily split apart and recollected in a new order as new ideas arise or needs occur. This candle holder matches the new design “era” where you as a costumer, play a big and important roll in creating the look you want. You are a co-designer.